Write. Just write something.

So, I ask myself, why write something?

I am definitely not the writing type. I am the math-for-fun, creating-excel-sheets-with-nested-if-functions type.

So, again, why write?

I love my job. It takes up most of my day and a lot of my thoughts outside of my work day. But, I think about the world and I think about my time. I think about how I would describe my “perfect day.” I think, why isn’t every single day my perfect day? Why isn’t all my time being spent with happy people, eating beautiful food, reading brilliant books, with a gorgeous mountain-view in the background?

I’ve learned a good trick–ask yourself How can I make this happen? Asking yourself, how you can do something, rather than if you can do something, allows your brain to come up with solutions rather than giving yourself the easy out of a yes/no conclusion.

I’ve asked myself the question:

How can I live the happy life I want?

So, that’s why I am writing something. I am working hard to create a happy life. And I want to help you plan a happy life, too.

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