Your Time, Your Choice.

This applies to real estate investing—but also applies to EVERYTHING IN LIFE you want to do…


I hate when I talk to someone and they say they “don’t have time.” If you don’t have time for something, it’s not important to you. Plain and simple.

You have the EXACT same time in a day as every other person in the world. Your problems are not different. Your work schedule is not different. Your responsibilities are not different.

You may be unique compared to your friends and family in your immediate sphere of influence, but there are absolutely people in a similar situation as you and those people choose to spend their time doing what you “don’t have time” for.

The most important thing is really self-reflecting and being honest with yourself on why you are or are not doing something-and then accepting that answer as reality.

For instance, I’m working a mid-shift today. I spent an hour playing my War and Order game this morning. I could have been reading about investing. I could have taken my dog for a walk. I could have been meal prepping for the week. I could have been working some kind of side gig to get the extra money I need to buy another property.

So if I start to think something to the effect of I wish I had more time to spend working a side gig so I could have the money for my next rental. My next thought should be me asking myself where I prioritize that.

Sitting, waiting, wishing doesn’t get you anywhere. Make time for what’s important to you and go after it. Track what you spend your time doing and really assess if it aligns with your values and your goals.

If you think something is important to you and you don’t have time for it, I can guarantee you that something you spend your time on today doesn’t align with your goals or values and you can (and should) reassess.

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