But in life.

If you’ve ever read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, you’ve heard this phrase before. He uses this term to explain the importance of putting away a set amount of your paycheck/income to save/invest automatically as soon as it comes in.

Thankfully, my parents taught me this concept before I ever had a job.

But I’ve recently realized this shouldn’t apply to just saving/investing money, but should also apply to anything in life that you want to do beyond your career. Working 60+ hours a week, I often come home, tired, and think something like, “I’ll write my next blog post tomorrow.” or “After I finish doing [insert some huge task that I’ve been putting off] I’ll read a chapter of my book about different coaching methods.”

So… it’s been five months since my last blog post. And for whatever reason, I’ve now realized that I have to put aspirations for myself before work.

And the crazy reality is, when you’re a high performer at work, your results won’t waiver. You’ll find a way to get the work done that you’re supposed to do. You’re working all day anyway, so whatever you need to take a break to do, work will still be there.

The other things in life that you want to be a priority to you—you actually have to make a priority. It’s as simple as that.

Another interesting thing I’ve realized about this-is the extraneous and super helpful things that I do to help myself with my life—for instance using the beautiful, thoughtfully crafted planner that organizes MY life, or my habit tracker that ensures I’m living a healthier lifestyle are the first things to go when I’m “too busy” or “too stressed” to handle all the things that are coming my way.

It’s like a wild predator is hunting me, and I’m stressed about it so I put down my bow and arrow and try to run faster instead of using the tools I have at my disposal to help myself!

Well, no more. I’m picking my tools back up and ensuring I’m using them and prioritizing them ABOVE my work so that I can be even more prepared for whatever comes my way!