Challenge Your View on Money.

“Money can’t buy you happiness.”

We’ve all heard that. And there’s definitely truth behind that phrase. BUT! Money can buy you exciting experiences. Money can buy you delicious food. And if money comes from the right places, money can buy you time.

No Fancy Formulas*

I wish I had some fancy formula to give you, or some good clues to better read the stock or commodities markets. But, I don’t. I have some good tips on how to manage your money and think about your personal cash flow.

*There’s a few formulas, but Excel will take care of that for you. 😉

Passive Income

This is the ultimate goal! I said earlier that money can buy you time. What if you gained an extra 40 hours (or more!) to your week? What have you been wanting to spend your days doing and haven’t because you spent most of your waking day at your job?

Living on your passive income gives you back your time- so that you can live the life you’ve dreamed of living.

I am no master at this-but an exuberant beginner, eager to share my last five year’s of experience, in addition to consistently sharing new experiences as they take place.

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