My purpose in life is to live a life filled with happiness!

But what does that even mean?

Take a few minutes. Write down what your perfect day looks like.

I bet it is much simpler than what most of your days look like right now. We fill up so much of our time getting ready for our shift, working 8+ (10+? 12+?) hours a day, coming home exhausted, then working through our other responsibilities. We then go to bed: tired, frustrated, unfulfilled.

My goal is to live my life filled with intention and to lead a life filled with genuine happiness.

Planning my happy life is a two-parter:

  • Living each day with intention and gratitude.
  • Financing the perfect day: everyday.

So let’s get started!! What I did:

I started with a budget. I made a budget for the perfect life for me and my family. Then, I figured out what I needed to do to make that budget a reality.

Next, I broke down the goals (financial and personal goals) that I set for myself into quarter year goals. I focus EVERY DAY on hitting that day’s goal- and relate it back to the quarter-and then back to the bigger picture.

Not only do I document it in my planner, but I also like to blog about the two goals!

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