What It’s Like to Live with Strangers.

By special request, I’m writing about what it’s like to live with strangers. For those of you who don’t know, I run an AirBnB out of my house… That I also live in! The usual response I get when I tell people about my living situation is something to the effect of “Woah! I don’tContinue reading “What It’s Like to Live with Strangers.”

The Not-So-Glamorous Part of House Hacking.

You will hear nothing but praise and acclaim from me about the cash flow of house hacking. Renting out bedrooms makes a ton more than renting out the entire unit (although this method also takes a ton more hands-on management). But, right now, we’re in the middle of the not-fun part. The work! Moving isContinue reading “The Not-So-Glamorous Part of House Hacking.”

House Number… TWO!

Yep, you read it right. We closed on our second house this week! It feels UNREAL. My quick two cents about house-hacking… It’s awesome because: For the last two(ish) years, I’ve been house-hacking. In my three bedroom house, I’ve rented out a room to a typical renter, and AirBnBed the other room to pay theContinue reading “House Number… TWO!”

Write. Just write something.

So, I ask myself, why write something? I am definitely not the writing type. I am the math-for-fun, creating-excel-sheets-with-nested-if-functions type. So, again, why write? I love my job. It takes up most of my day and a lot of my thoughts outside of my work day. But, I think about the world and I thinkContinue reading “Write. Just write something.”