The Grind.

Wow! My investment properties are finally starting to MAKE MONEY!

For the month of January, my partner and I will have made a profit of about $1,250! ($625 each!)

Now the best part…

I have no bills.

You read that right- the profit I said I made… that included all expenses related to both houses. The mortgages are paid, the utilities, and heck!- even the internet.

Now what does it take to really do this?

  • Every single day, at least one of us has to make beds and clean toilets (not-so-glamorous)
  • You have to be flexible with being able to answer messages from guests and tenants quickly
  • The occasional issue needs addressed immediately (for instance, a guest tripped a circuit breaker and we had to run to another house to fix)
  • We have five laundry hampers for the insane amount of sheets and comforters that we go through each week
  • And most importantly to me… it’s hard to do something fun spontaneously that is more than a day long-as you have to have a plan for the rooms to be flipped.

So, day-in and day-out, you’ll focus on the grind. You’ll focus on who’s responsible for what room and you’ll focus on how you’ll fit these extra tasks into your already busy schedule. But at the end of the month when your bills are paid and you’re getting an extra paycheck- you’ll be glad you spent the time getting ahead.

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